Layrite at Sivletto - retro hairstyle deluxe

In 1999, the founders of Layrite proudly opened the doors of their first Classic Barber Shop and Shaving Parlor. The shop was built to emanate a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of a real man’s sanctuary.
The majority of customers who sat themselves down in the vintage chairs came in with a greasy head of hair, and these heads would set the stage for a less than ideal haircut.
The greasy dilemmas that they faced daily inspired the founders to begin experimenting with different kinds of pomade. They chose their favorite feature of each pomade they worked with, and then used all of these elements to create their own formula: a pomade that easily washed out with just water! After months of research and experimentation, Layrite Deluxe Pomade was introduced in 2001.

Today, Layrite resides in Orange County, California. All products are tested and approved by barbers in order to provide Layrite customers with only the finest pomades and grooming products.

So, now that you know the story of how Layrite was born, you can experience for yourself the deluxe pomade that holds like wax and washes out like gel. Create the perfect style everytime.